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Puppy Development | Gun Dog Training | Field Trial Campaigning | Force Retrieving 

Here at Monkeyshine Kennels we train and develop all pointing breed dogs for field trial and hunting customers. From the foot hunter to the field trialer who wants their dog in the winners circle our training philosophy is simple we TRAIN. I never take more dogs than I can handle so that each dog gets the individualized attention that it needs. Over the years I have had the pleasure to work under some great trainers and have learned a lot from them. We offer a variety of training programs for your dog and can tailor each program to fit your needs. All dogs are worked daily. The training trips are a great way to get your dogs developed to the various stages of training. In order to become a great dog, one must be given a good foundation to start on and enough time to develop on that foundation. Please contact us with any questions regarding our training program.

"Our philosophy is simple: The guy who has the best dog is the one who has put in the most time."

Monkeyshine Kennels Dog Training


For over 50 years and three generations of family ownership, training and developing all pointing breed dogs from the field trial competitor to the hunting companion. Our staff is skilled at handling dogs of all levels including puppy development, obedience, basic gun dog training, field trial training and more.



"Bring Out The Best in Your Dog"

Simply fill out our online form to reserve a training spot.

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Summer Camp Training Program

Upham, North Dakota

TRAIN WHERE CHAMPIONS TRAIN! Thousands of acres of land with plenty of wild birds to give your dog the Prairie Advantage and Winning edge this Fall!


For over a decade bird dog trainers have been traveling to the vast prairies to train on. Taking advantage of cooler days and many WILD BIRDS. It is not rocket science to train a bird dog you need a lot of birds, and we have them. Our training grounds in North Dakota consist of CRP, Alfalfa, natural prairie, and crop land. We have several species of birds to train on including sharp tails, pheasants, and huns. After being on this trip your dog will not only be patterned to hunt with you but will have a knowledge of how to hunt wild birds. Your dog will have intensive one on one work on wild  birds on our training grounds near Upham, ND. Your dog will return to you in top condition and ready to do an excellent job in the field for you.

Winter Camp Training Program

Ashburn, Georgia

Dogs run every other day on wild and pre-released bobwhite quail and are guaranteed to run with some of the best dogs in the country, including multiple national and hour champions. This is a great experience for young dogs and hunting dogs due to the sheer number of birds we’ll expose them to. 


Our winter training is dedicated to working your dog on wild and liberated quail in mostly controlled situations. As with our other training programs we start by evaluating your dog and establish a game plan to get what you want out if your dog. This trip is great for any age dog as we work on all areas of training, pointing, backing, obedience, and retrieving. We also have an opportunity to get you trial dog in condition for the upcoming busy spring trial season.

Space is very limited on both of our training trips to the number of dogs that can be worked and not any more will be brought along just to pay the bills. Make sure you contact us or submit our online training form to reserve your dog's opportunity to become the best.

MonkeyShine Kennel Training
MonkeyShine Kennel Training
MonkeyShine Kennel Training
MonkeyShine Kennel Training


This tentative schedule is subject to change.

  • January - NGSPA AA Invitational

  • January - March Winter Camp - Georgia - Reserve Now

  • Reg 5- Pinckneyville, IL--- March 6th

  • NGSPA Nationals- Grovespring, MO---March 26th

  • NGSPA Reg 2-Mingo Junction, OH---April 16th

  • Buckeye GSP- Dresden, OH—April 22nd

  • NGSPA Ohio Championship-Dresden, OH—April 25th

  • Vizsla Club of MI—Ionia, MI—April 29th

  • Lansing GSP – Ionia, MI --- May 6th

  • NGSPA Reg 4 – Ionia, MI --- May 9th

  • GSP of MI – Ionia, MI --- May 14th

June - August Summer Camp - No. Dakota - Reserve Now

  • September - Hun Championship - Cheyenne, WY

  • September - Reg 8 Championship - Cheyenne, WY

  • October - Chicken Championship - Amelia, NE

  • October - Great Lakes Championship, Ionia, MI

  • October - GSPCA Nationals, Eureka, KS

  • November - Pheasant Championship - Wye Island, MD

  • November - Reg 3, Wye Island, MD

  • December - NGSPA Invitational - Gentry, MO



For more than 50 years, Monkeyshine Kennels has been an industry leader in gun and bird dog training. Dedicated to providing the best training available, our gun and bird dog trainers provide every dog with the individualized attention that it needs to develop. We train all pointing breed dogs, from the foot hunter, to the field trialer who wants their dog in the winners circle. We offer a variety of training programs for your dog and can tailor each program to fit your needs. In order to be become a great dog one must be given a good foundation to start on and enough time to develop. Contact us with any questions.


  • $750.00 monthly (2 consecutive month minimum)

  • $200.00 weekly


  • $30.00 - Thirty (30) minute stakes

  • $60.00 - One (1) hour stakes

  • Additional fees will incur for Nationals & Invitationals


  • $400.00 - One (1) time charge (in addition to monthly fee)


  • $15.00 monthly (Frontline)

  • $34.00 every three (3) months (Bravecto)



  • $100.00 - Airport drop off and/or pickup per trip

  • Travel expenses split between all dogs

  • Additional birds for training expenses split between all dogs

  • Veterinarian expenses are the responsibility of the owner

* Monkeyshine Kennels preferred method of invoicing and collecting payments is online through QuickBooks. If an alternate payment method is required please contact us to make arrangements.


* Winter and Summer Camp training fees plus the first month's training fee must be paid, in full, in advance. The invoice total balance is due, in full, before any dog is released. All rates are subject to change, pending fuel, bird, and travel expenses.


*  Payments are due in full on the 15th of each month (Partial payments are not acceptable). In the event said payment is overdue a $35.00 late fee shall be charged. In the event said payment is overdue by thirty (30) days Monkeyshine Kennel shall be entitled to exert a lien against said dog, as further described in the contract, for any amounts due, and shall be entitled to enforce said lien and foreclose its interest against said dog and/or equipment for the amount due in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan.

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