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For more than 50 years, Monkeyshine Kennels has been an industry leader in gun and bird dog training in Michigan. Headquartered in Leroy, we offer excellent training grounds and are proud to be the only gun and bird dog training facility that offers two training trips per year, one to North Dakota and one to Georgia. 

Dedicated to providing the best training available, our gun and bird dog trainers treat each hunting dog with the utmost care as if he or she were one of our own. 

In our third generation of family ownership, Monkeyshine Kennels will teach your dog proper habits while hunting. Our training programs include puppy development, basic gun dog training, field trial training, and more. We also provide a wide range of bird species, training your dog to retrieve the birds you’re likely to encounter in any corner of the country.

Our training staff is skilled at handling dogs of all obedience levels, including problematic pups. Contact us today and ask about our upcoming training courses.

Our History 

Mario was born in 1927 in Italy and came to this country by himself as a young boy. His parents had sent him to be with family in the U.S. in hopes of a better life for him. He served in WWII and was employed by the Ford Motor Company. He retired in 1989. Mario married Shirley Mohn in Detroit in 1950. They had four children. Mario purchased his first German Shorthaired Pointer from Ralph Terrill in 1956.

Mario and Shirley DiMambro were very active members of our Michigan club. They began with German Shorthaired Pointers and Field Trials when Mario and Shirley while out for a drive that happened by Highland Recreation Area in Highland Michigan. A field trial was in progress, and Mario and Shirley stopped to watch the event. Soon Mario was attending these events. He joined the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Michigan in 1957 and he remained a member until 1997 when they moved from Dearborn Heights to Leroy Michigan. Mario and Shirley were awarded Lifetime Honorary membership for their service to the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Michigan.

Most of Mario’s success came with young dogs. He handled two Futurity winners and several other dogs that gained placements. He also finished five dogs as AKC Field Champions. During the years Mario was active with the GSPCA National Championships and he acted as stake, manager for the all-age Championship. He was also active with the National German Shorthaired Pointer Association region four championships. Acting as Field Trial Chairman for many years. His wife Shirley said he worked dogs in some form or another until his health failed.

Our Story

On February 15th, 1960. The mother Sue, and Pepper the father were haughty parents of nine elegant-looking pups. It wasn’t until they were eight weeks old that Mario had the chance to first look at his-to-be-champ Rick’s Monkeyshine. She first struck Mario’s attention when she was the only one in the litter box and when they were all let out, she would be the leader of the gang. Skidding around the basement corners. A watched pot never boils. So Mario decided she would be his, only to find out to his disappointment she was also the breeder’s choice.

Luckily, Mario knew the breeder Ralph Terrill. Mario hurried home, to make a phone call and after a long discussion, Ralph and Mario reached an agreement. And she was brought home the very same night. Within a week she got to know the household quite well. Her friskiness was the reason for her call name “Pep” Mario was asked many times where he got her name. Mario explained that Rick his second oldest son was promised the next pup he purchased. He could name it. “Monkeyshine” came from a tune his oldest son was learning to play on his accordion and this is how they picked her name.

Monkeyshine Kennel is still in existence today this is due to Mario’s Grandson Dan DiMambro. Dan has followed in his Grandfathers footsteps and continues to successfully compete in Field Trials and carry on the Monkeyshine name.

MonkeyShine Kennel
MonkeyShine Kennel
MonkeyShine Kennel
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