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Does your dog struggle to be alone during the day while you are away?

Doggy daycare is a great way to socialize your dog. Exercise, mental stimulation, and engagement with other dogs and humans are the primary reasons many guardians drop off their dogs at daycare. For dogs that struggle to be alone with destructive behaviors like barking or chewing, daycare can be a great option as you work on teaching your dog more appropriate skills. Your dog may be exhausted at the end of the day from running around with the pack and may want to sleep a bit more when you get them home. Some dogs who aren’t into running around all day and tend to nap will get some great mental stimulation while at the facility.

Daycare Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9am - 11am and 4pm - 6pm


  • $20.00 per day - Single dog run

  • $30.00 per day - 2 dogs sharing run 




  • Bordetella -"Kennel Cough" 

  • Distemper/Parvo 

  • Rabies 

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